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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy Season 1 Episode 1

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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy Season 1 Episode 1

Post by Alexis Rhodes on Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:36 pm

\\ http://warriorduelacademy.forummotion.com/t18-yu-gi-oh-gx-duel-academy-character-suggestions#27
Finally getting round to writing this, click up there to suggest a character. //

Mindy Yusuma was raised in care, but at the age of 13 she finally saw her Parents for the first time since she was a baby. That day was the best day in Mindy's life. But the joy was soon cut short, the next day she woke to find the police at her door. Her parents were dead, once again stripped from her. All she was left with was an unknown Key, and a Deck. She then set out on a journey to find the lock for the key she wore around her neck. And that's when the letter came through the door...

It was 8am when the alarm clock rang, and as Mindy woke up she grabbed the letter that had arrived through her letterbox just 2 nights ago.

Dear Mindy Yusuma,
You are a special duelist. and because of this, we would like to invite you to GX Duel Academia, should you choose to accept, your entrance exam will be on the day you hit 14. at this location.
93 Oakland Road
I'll expect to see you there.
Vice-Chancellor Juninzi.

Now if this letter comes through a duelists door they would tell EVERYBODY, and be the happiest/luckiest kids in the world. But Mindy had no one left to, and she wasn't feeling to happy. There was one thing circling her mind over, and over again. 'Special Duelist' Mindy had only ever dueled for fun... Never competitively, and one last thing. She never won. So why was SHE such a special duelist? It wasn't time to mill on things any longer, her birthday was tomorrow. So she got ready, and set off for duelist park.

By the time Mindy got there, everyone was rushing over to the center of the park, she went over to check what was going on, maybe it was a duel?
"excuse me,"
"excuse me,"
As Mindy squeezed her way to the front, she saw what all the fuss was about.
"Junzo Koza, You think you're a big shot around these parts huh? You think you can push everybody around? Well today i'm going to put a stop to it!"
"Ha! Itzuki Regalia when are you going to learn? Your puny deck could never stand up to mine--"
"Hey but wait."
"-However I will make it interesting, should you choose to accept that is, if you put up and shut up, and put your skills to the test. We each wager our decks. If you win, you can take my all powerful deck."
"Grrr, Fine. Yeah! I'm gonna show you that you can't be the boss of me anymore!"

"Duel Field activate!" As this is said 2 discs shoot out their duel disks creating a holographic field.
Itzuki is to take the first move
"I draw!"

Itzuki's field is bare and he only has 1000LP remaining, Junzo has Grapha Dragon Lord of Dark World in his field and 4000LP.
"Go Grapha, Attack him directly!"
As Itzuki's life points hit zero, Junzo walks over to him and grabs his deck. "Now that's what you slackers deserve! Oh and one more thing." Junzo then snatches Itzuki's Duel Disk. "You won't be needing this any more" And he bursts into laughter.
"Hey! You hold up one second you bully!" Mindy Yusuma steps out from the crowd into the duel arena.
"haha! who are you? Another puny wimp ready to hand over their deck?"
"I suppose you're right" Mindy winks. "But if I win, you have to give Itzuki his stuff back!"
"Fine, it's not like you're going to win anyway."
"Let's do this!"
As Mindy straps on her duel dusk, and place her families old deck into it. "Let the Retribution Begin"
Itzuki stands back up, and runs over to Mindy "You don't have to do this!" Mindy turns back and says "I do"

Junzo Draws "I Draw"
"And First I'll Summon out Brron Mad King of Dark World! And now i'll set one card face down and end my turn.

"That all you got?! I draw! hmm" As Mindy looks down into her hand, she ponders on her next move. And we can see she is holding Trap Stun, Breakthrough Skill, Harpie Lady #1, Harpie's Hunting Ground, Elegant Egotist, Harpie Dancer.
"your monsters got 1800ATK points. That's too high!"

"Haha! Want to give up now?"

"NO! I set one card face down monster card, and set a facedown and end my turn"

"So Scared are we? Don't worry about it, I would be two if I had to face someone as good as me! So let's see what we got. I draw! Hahaha, It seems that your weak pathetic deck is about to become mine after all! You see I activate Dark World Lightning. With this spell card I can destroy your set monster card!"

"Wait what?!" Harpie Dancer is destroyed.

"you see that's not all, now i have to discard a card from my hand to the graveyard. So I'll send Beige, Vanguard of Dark World to my graveyard. But before you think you got off lightly, you've not! You see with dark worlds there effects mostly activate when discarded to the graveyard. So i'll use Beige's Effect. Which allows me to Special Summon him to the field."

"That's not fair!"

"Oh but it is, and now i'm going to take you down, Beige Attack!"
Mindy's LP: 2400
"Now Brron Attack Directly!"
Mindy's LP: 600


"That's not all, see when Brron inflicts battle damage to his opponent i can discard one card from my hand to the graveyard. So i'll discard Snoww, Unlight of Dark World."

"and what does she do?"

"well, i'm glad you asked when Snoww is discarded, I can add one Dark World from my deck to my hand. So I'll add this card to my hand"

Junzo shows Grapa, Dragon Lord of Dark World, However Mindy has never seen this card before. So doesn't recognize it's great power.

"Okay then my turn. *And it might be my last* Draw! I'm gonna take you down! First off I summon Harpie Lady #1 in attack mode! Now I know what you may be thinking 1300atk? Yeah but her eff gives all wind monster 300 extra attack. So now she has 1600!"

"So she's as strong as beige, so what?"

"I'm so not done. Next I active the magic card Elegant egotist."

"Not so fast! I active Dark Deal, this will change your cards eff, to force you to discard a card instead!"

"Well I activate my face down card Trap Stun. Negating Dark Deals effect. Now elegant egotists effect goes through, So say hello to a second Harpie lady #1"

"wait with two of those stupid birds, there attacks go up to 1900!"

"That's right. So go Harpie lady attack Beige!"
Junzo LP: 3700
"2nd Harpie lady attack Brron!"
Junzo LP: 3600
"Next i'll end my turn with a face down"

"Haha, you actually took some life points off me, even if it was just 400 haha, but you see, now it's time for the grand finale. First I activate Dark World Dealings. So we each draw one card, then discard one too. I choose to discard my Grapha Dragon"

"And I choose my breakthrough skill."

"Now grapha's eff activates, meaning I can destroy one card on your field. So say bye bye to your Harpie!"

"Nooooo, you'll pay for that!"

"Oh will I? Well that's a shame i summon this card. Broww, Hunstman of Dark World, but he wont be sticking around for long. Because I use Grapha's second effect, when it's in the grave yard and I control a dark world monster. I can add that dark world monster back to my hand to Special Summon Grapha. So arise Grapha Dragon Lord of Dark World!"

"2700 Attack Points!"

"That's right, Let's end this. Grapha Attack the Harpie Lady!"
as grapha dragon's attack hits, the smoke from the attack shrouding Mindy's field slowly to reveal Harpie Lady intact.
"Wait what?! why is that runt still here?"

"I activated the trap Waboku so this turn, my monsters and my Life points are safe!"

"You're just delaying the inevitable. I end my turn with a face down"

" *That's gotta be the strongest monster I've ever seen, I gotta make this draw count* I draw!"
Mindy intently looks at her hand, pondering any move she can possible make to survive.

"Haha, you're puny bird deck is no match for my Grapha!"

Mindy smiles
"That's what you think, but this deck is destined to take me to the top! I activate Harpie's Hunting ground."
The field transforms into a forest clearing styled landscape
"Now I active Hysteric Sign, Which allows me to add the elegant egotist in my graveyard back to my hand. So i'll activate it allowing me to special summon another Harpie Lady #1."

"i'm yet to see how this is going to help you win. you don't have a card in your deck that can stop grapha!"

"you're right, none of my monsters have enough attack power to take out your Grapha, but don't forget my harpie lady's increase wind monsters attack by 300atk each. And my field spell increases winged-beast type monsters by 200atk. So each of my harpie lady's are at 2100"

"My grapha has 2700atk, and you're forgetting that isn't the only card on my field."

"on the contrary, I know that's not the only card on your field. But you're forgetting I still have one card left in my hand. Go I summon my Harpie Queen! now my field's 2nd effect activates meaning I can destroy your facedown card"
Mirror Force is destroyed.


"You're going to pay for what you did. you see with all my attack boosts, my harpie queens attack boosts from 1900 to 2700! Now just like itzuki My harpie queen is going to sacrifice herself to take you down! Go my Queen Attack Grapha Dragon Lord of Dark World!"
Both Queen and Grapha are destroyed.
"Now harpie Ladies! Finish this!"

Mindy's LP: 600
Junzo's LP: 0

Mindy is the winner. Junzo walks over to itzuki.
"I lost so i'll stick to my word here, take your deck and duel disk back." says Junzo
"Thank you Junzo, and thank you too Mindy" says Itzuki.
Junzo walks off, leaving the scene. Mindy turns to Itzuki. And they smile...

//If you have any opinions or suggestions, please comment down below.
click up there to suggest a character.

Next Episode - http://warriorduelacademy.forummotion.com/t21-yu-gi-oh-gx-duel-academy-season-1-episode-2#30 //

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