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Yu-Gi-Oh! Military Duel Academy: Episode 1.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Military Duel Academy: Episode 1.

Post by Baseballkid21 on Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:22 pm

Military Duel Academy:

Episode 1: Paving the Path to Destruction.

Melv, a kid who just turned 16, close to being 6 feet tall, broad shouldered, a black mop for hair, with a friendly face was at home working through his new and only deck he had. Staring intently at them hoping some kind of mind blowing strategy will just pop up at him.
He looks hard at the envelope, open in front of him on his desk, rereading through it time after time again. Never getting the message quite clearly as to why this was sent to him, it said.
"Melv Steele,
You have been cordially invited to come to the grand opening of the first ever Military Duel Academy. Being offered this great opportunity will allow you to meet other soon-to-be students, a tour of the whole school, and a better understanding of dueling, for dueling is no longer just a game.
We would love to hone your skills as a duelist, being one of the smartest student that we've invited I doubt you'll need much to hone them, but we'll be proud to help with whatever questions you have for us and hopefully you'll become part of the military to help the good duel for peace.

Leuitenant Stull

P.S. If you have already made plans to join, I have already set aside some paperwork for you to fill out on the day of your arrival, so make sure to come prepared and your heart set on the choices you make for the future of your country."

I've been wanting to go to the military for as long as I could remember, but it wasn't until 6 years ago that they decided warfare is to be based off of dueling. So instead of learning on how to become endurant and strong in body and mind, I only had to become stronger in mind.
Looking through my deck once again, I begin to think back on the duels I had with my 2 best friends in the whole world. Tyr, his deck is of his own, he ACTUALLY made his own deck! He authorized permission through his dad to make his own deck and it was allowed as long as the cards were fair. So Tyr spent months on it, carefully planning strategies to use for his deck called, "The Underlings."
The Underlings are basically support cards for their much stronger predecessors, but their effects are what make them equal in every other right. Like Mage's Underling, She can't be destroyed by card effects or battle and she gains 500 attack and defense for every trap and spell on the field, hand and graveyard!
My other friend May, she's pretty cool, but doen't know a lot into reading strategy. She does pretty decent though just winging it, so whatever works for her. Her most prized card of all in her deck is the very same card I gave her for her 11th birthday, the Dark Magician Girl. She's been making strategies to go along with that card since the start, so mostly a spellcaster deck.
My new and only deck is primarily a fire attributed deck, my main card? A tie between Raging Flame Sprite and Ultimate Baseball Kid. Naturally because of all my fire attributes I'm nicknamed, "The Heat."
I quickly take a shower to rush past my parents, duel disk with deck and letter in hand, running through the door to head out to the park where me and my friends were to hang out one last time before we took the first flight to the Military Academy.
As soon as I make it to the park, May must have been waiting on me because she came out of nowhere and tackled me to the ground.
"Ow? What was that for May?"
"Nothing, you kept us waiting!"
"Not my fault? I was getting ready."
"Yea-yea. Come on already! Tyr is dueling at the south side!" We rushed to the duel where Tyr was showing off a smirk under his dark mop of hair. I saw Mage's Underling on the field, (practically his prized card) and Smith's Underling with 2 facedowns and axe of despair. His opponent's side, The Fiend Megacyber, with 2 facedowns as well but the opponent isn't looking all that happy with the Underlings.
Checking the life point gauges I see why too, he's losing pretty badly.
Tyr: 4000, Opponent: 100
"Tyr hasn't even been touched yet it looks like again."
"Yea, but it got really close at the beginning."
"How's that?"
"That guy, Joseph, summoned a cyber dragon on his first turn after Tyr, but he forgot about Mage's effect and put down 2 facedowns, so Tyr brought out Smith's and axe of despair, attacking with both to deal some pretty heavy damage, good thing Mage and Smith can't be destroyed by card effects!"
I watch intently as the next few moves are played. Tyr has this pretty much in the bag unless....
Joseph puts down a facedown, "Now I'll sacrifice Megacyber to summon Jinzo! While Jinzo's out traps are useless!" Tyr isn't phased by the move.
"Now I activate a facedown, Double Summon! So I send out Cyber Valley!"
Cyber Valley enters the field very snake-like.
"Now to activate Limiter removal!" One of his facedowns comes up to be his limiter removal.
Jinzo: 4800 atk 1500 def, Cyber Valley 0 atk, 0 def.
Mage's Underling: 2500 atk 2500 def, Smith's Underling: 3000 atk 1000 def.
"Time for battle! Jinzo, end Smith's Underling!" Jinzo concentrates a huge bolt of electricity at Smith's Underling, smoke fills the field but when it clears something surprising happened, Joseph's life points were down to 0000 and I see megamorph was used at the last second!
"Good game!" Said Tyr as the field slowly turned back to the dirt arena. Joseph walks away with a huge weight on him. He looked rather sad, we all came together to Joseph and talked with him for a bit.
"You did your best Joseph! That's all that matters in the game!"
"Yea, you gave it your all and stood toe to toe with Tyr, it was a great duel!"
"Maybe next time you'll win?"
Joseph just slinks off in sadness, mumbling under his breath, I faintly hear him say something along the lines of, "I'll never become a good soldier like the three of you are meant to be."
I couldn't help but think about what he said, we're not soldiers quite yet? I look at my friends and they have a questioning look on their faces.
"Guess you guys didn't hear what he said?"
"Not a clue."
"Okay, well we better get to the train headed for the airport."
"Right! Don't want them worrying about where their prized students are!" We all head to the train station, awaiting for our first adventure together on the road to becoming full-fledged soldiers of strategy.

If you guys are reading, tell me what you think, I know I probably shouldn't be writing this stuff, especially because I dunno a whole lot of about strategy, but we'll learn as we go I suppose? XD ENJOY!!!???


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