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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy Season 1 Episode 2

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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy Season 1 Episode 2

Post by Alexis Rhodes on Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:37 pm

Last Episode http://warriorduelacademy.forummotion.com/t19-yu-gi-oh-gx-duel-academy-season-1-episode-1#28
Character suggestions? http://warriorduelacademy.forummotion.com/t18-yu-gi-oh-gx-duel-academy-character-suggestions#27

It was the big day, for Mindy Yusuma, The day her journey to the GX Duel Academy begins. After getting dressed and putting on her make-up, she saw a mysterious package, she read the label. To Mindy Yusuma, Happy Birthday From ___ Not thinking twice, she tore open the brown paper packaging in excitement to reveal a gold tin, exactly the same design and colour has the key she hung around her neck. She unlatched the clasp, and slowly pulled open the lid. to reveal a single card. Harpie's Pet Dragon. She inserted the card into her deck. grabbed her satchel and left, saying goodbye to her families house leaving it in the good care of hey new Guardian(her families butler). As she stepped out into the street. She saw Itzuki Regalia crossing the road towards her.
"Hey Itzuki, what's up?"
"Oh hey Mindy, I just came over to say errm, do you wanna come with me to an errm duel? I mean come watch me duel? here take this" Itzuki hands Mindy over a letter.
"Cool you got a letter to go to GX Duel Academy too! Sure i'll come with you. We can both duel together!" Mindy hands Itzuki his letter back and they both set off together towards Tokyo centre, towards their destinies. "Oh yeah, Itzuki I forgot to tell you today's my birthday haha, And I got a new card, the Harpie's Pet Dragon. Now my deck Is going to tear up in this exam!"
"Haha that's awesome Happy birthday Mindy, so hey what dorm do you think you're going to get?"
"Well I was up last night researching, and there are 4 dorms: Slifer Red; for the worst duelists. Ra Yellow; for the promising students. Obelisk Blue; for the Great Duelists. And finally Horakhty Silver, For the Pro's. But you can't get Horakhty Silver in your first exam."
"So that means I'm going to get Obelisk Blue haha!"
"Yeah Good luck Itzuki, I'd be happy with Ra Yellow myself, he look we're nearly h---"

"Haha! you Slackers have no idea what you're on about do you? You're never going to get into a dorm as prestigious as Ra Yellow never mind, Obelisk blue, You'll be stuck in Slifer Red with the rest of us." Says a boy walking up to them from down an alley.
"Who even are you?" Says Mindy
"Hey sweetcheeks, I'm Ben Creel, american and proud?
"The name isn't 'sweetcheeks, It's Mindy, Mindy Yusuma."
"haha, alright sweetcheeks, hey that's a nice chain you've got there" Ben Winks and takes a step closer to Mindy
"It's not a chain, it's a key, so back off yeah." Mindy takes a step backwards, but Ben grabs her arm, and pulls her close.
"Oy!" shouts Itzuki, "Get your hands off of her!" Itzuki pulls Ben off Mindy, but Ben retaliates and pushes Itzuki against the wall, and lifts him up with a single hand.
"Now give me your chain, or this dweeb gets it!"
"Okay, okay relax. Why not make this interesting, a winner takes all duel?"
"You win, this Wimp get's to walk another day. I win, I get your chain, and you have to go on a date with me too! haha!"
"What!? Fine, Let's go." Ben ties up Itzuki to a pole, using a peace of scrap rope.
"Hey let me go, Mindy you destroy him!"
"Don't worry Itzuki you'll be fine."
"Let's Duel!"
"Let the Retribution begin!"

Turn 1: Ben Creel's Turn
Ben's LP: 4000
Mindy's LP: 4000

"It's my turn, I draw! Be prepared to lose sweetcheeks, I've gotten many a rare card in my times on the streets. You could call me robbin' hood, i rob from the rich and give to my self! And this move will prove it! I activate the Field Spell card Realm of Light!" The field is transformed into a beautiful white marble castle, with luscious green vines running up the marble pillars.

"It's.. so beautiful"

"Haha, almost as beautiful as i will look wearing that chain-"


"-Haha, whatever. Now I'll summon to the field Jain, Lightsworn Paladin, in attack mode. Now considering I can't Attack this turn, I'll just end... But that triggers My Jain's special ability!"

"An effect that activates in the end phase?"

"Yes during the end phase, as long as Jain is face up on my field i mill 2 cards."


"haha, and you wanted to become a Ra Yellow! Milling a card, is sending it from the top of my deck to the graveyard." Bottomless Trap Hole and Beckoning Light were sent. "Darn, well no matter see Jain's effect triggers the effect of my Realm of Light field spell."

"And what does that do?"

"Asking a lot of question aren't we? Well when a card or cards is milled I can put 1 counter on my field spell, and for each counter my Lightsworn monsters gain 100ATK points. So yeah you're turn noob."

"Grrr, 100ATK points is hardly something to be bothered about. so let's see 1900ATK, I Draw! Perfect, I drew just the card, But first off I'll summon this Harpie Lady #1!"

"Only 1300ATK points?"

"Actually, thanks to her special ability all WIND monsters gain 300ATK. So make that 1600."

"I take it you were never much of a mathematician, my monster has 1900ATK he's still stronger than yours haha!"

"Seems i'll have to activate my spell card then. Go Cyber Shield! With this equip card, my harpie lady gains another 500ATK points."

"So now she has 2100!"

"That's right! So go Harpie Lady, Attack Jain, Lightsworn Paladin!

Mindy's LP: 4000
Ben's LP: 3800

"Haha, who's the 'noob' now huh? I think i'll end with a facedown card."

"In that case, I'll go. I draw! Hmm, looks like that Harpie is too strong... But not after I play my own Spell card. I activate Solar Recharge! Now by discarding my Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid, I can draw two cards. but then mill two as well." Draws two, then mills Vanquishing Light and Raiden, Lightsworn Assailant. "Now because I Milled again, my Realm of Light get's a second counter."

"What are you planning!"

"You'll soon see, but for now I summon Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress!"

"With only 1700ATK even with the 200ATK boost she's still too weak."

"Sadly you're correct, but by switching her to defense mode, her effect activates. I can now destroy you're face down card." Breakthrough Skill destroyed.

"Hmmpphh, That all you got?"

"For this turn, yes it is. But by ending my turn Lyla's 2nd effect activates so I can mill 3 more cards." Upstart Goblin, Wulf, Lightsworn Beast, and Ehren Lightsworn Monk were sent.

"So now you have 3 counters!"

"Yep, and not only that but my Wulf's effect now activates, meaning I can Special Summon it to my field!"

"Wait What?! 2100ATK, and with that 300ATK boost... 2400!"

"That's right, lucky you. It's your move.

"It seems that castle of yours is proving to be a nuisance. I draw! Perfect. I activate the spell card, Mystical Space Typhoon, to destroy your Realm of Light Field card." A great tornado surrounds the field obstructing their vision. But as the tornado fades, the castle still stands. "Wait, how? I just destroyed your caste!"

"Well you tried, but you see, by removing 2 counters from it, it can stay around for the ride." Wulf's effect returns to 2200ATK and Lyla's to 1800.

"Fine then, I'll just summon one monster in face down defense position, and now Harpie Lady, Destroy his Lyla!" Lyla destroyed.

"That's fine, I take it it's my turn now. I draw! Hmm, Wulf, destroy her Harpie Lady!"

Mindy's LP: 3900
Ben's LP: 3800

"And I think I'll end with a facedown."

"Then It's my turn, I draw! That's it, your field spell might not be able to be destroyed by my Spell Cards, But I could replace it with a new Field Spell. I activate Harpie's Hunting Ground!"

"Not so fast there sweetcheeks, I chain my facedown card, Dark Bribe. This will negate your field spell card. Keeping Realm of Light on the field."

"Grr, that may be the case but I do still get to Draw." She Draws. "I'll Just summon a second facedown monster card, and end my turn."

"Seems you're deck is running out of options. I draw! And I summon Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior, in attack mode!"


"that's right, Now let's wipe out your last line of defence, go my monsters destroy her two face down cards!" Two Birdface destroyed.

"you destroyed my birdface,and with their effects I can add 2 more Harpie Lady #1's to my hand."

"that puny monster can't defeat me! But I'll end my turn with 2 facedowns."

"I draw! And I use Harpie Queen's effect, by discarding it, I can add a Harpie's Hunting Ground from me deck to my hand."

"A second one!"

"That's right, but that's just the beginning. Next i'll summon my Harpie Lady #1, which activates the effect of my field spell so I can destroy your face down card." Beckoning Light destroyed. "And this time she won't be alone. because I activate the Magic card, Elegant Egotist. So I can Special Summon. Harpie Lady Sisters from my deck! which destroys your second face down" mirror force is destroyed

"1950ATK? still not enough..."

"you're forgetting my Harpie Lady #1's effect, which increases my WIND monsters attacks, by 300! And my Field boost!" Harpie Lady #1's ATK=1800, Harpie Lady Sisters' ATK=2450.


"You think I'm done? Now I activate a second Cyber Shield, boosting my Harpie Lady #1 to 2300ATK."

"What a move!"

"Haha, thanks. Now let's see what your monsters think of it. Go Harpie Lady #1 attack Garoth!"
Mindy's LP: 3900
Ben's LP: 3350
"Now Harpie Lady Sisters, attack Wulf!
Mindy's LP: 3900
Ben's LP: 3000

"Arrgghh! You're gonna pay for this!"

"I'll end with a facedown."

"I Draw! And I activate the Spell Card, Charge of the Light Brigade. Now by milling 3 cards." Mirror force, Gragonith Lightsworn Dragon, and Lightsworn Sabre. "Hmm, Now I can add one Lightsworn monster to my hand. So I add Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner."


"No I summon Lumina, and by discarding my Celestia, Lightsworn Angel. I can Special Summon my Raiden, Lightsworn Assailant from my graveyard."

"Hold up!... you barely have any cards left in your deck. What are you planning!"

"You won't get a chance to see, because now I Tune, my lvl 4 Raiden with my lvl 3 Lumina-"

"A Synchro Summon?!"

"-To Synchro Summon my lvl 7 Michael, Lightsworn Ark!"

"Woah! I've never seen one of those face up before! where did you get this card?"

"Haha, I stole this deck of course! How else does one expect to win a duel? But before you think of pulling anything special. I activate my own Mystical Space Typhoon, to destroy your face down card." Hysteric Sign was destroyed.

"haha, your monster, might have 2600ATK points, but there's now way you're going to win this."

"Say that, to your Life Points, I activate Michael's effect by paying 1000 LP."
Mindy's LP: 3900
Ben's LP: 2000
"I can banish your Harpie lady #1."


"which brings your Sisters back to 2150 Attack. Now go Michael. Attack her Harpie Lady Sisters!"
Mindy's LP: 3450
Ben's LP: 2000
"now i'll set one card and end my turn. in which Michael let's me mill 3 cards." Lightsworn Barrier, Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, and Rinyan, Lightsworn Rogue."

"Not so fast, see now the effect of Hysteric Sign activates. my facedown card you destroyed."


"I can add 3 harpie's too my hand." Harpie Channeler, Harpie Queen, Harpie Dancer."

"Now I draw! And I Summon Harpie dancer, activating Hunting grounds effect. destroying your face down card." Dimensional Prison destroyed. "that's not all, next I change the scenery by activating Divine Wind Mist Valley."

"What are you planning?"

"Your demise! Now dancers effect allows me to add it to my hand to summon another harpie." Harpie Dancer added to hand. "this triggers my Divine Wind's effect. Allowing me to special summon Harpie Queen. now I Normal summon Harpie channeler using Dancer's effect."

"no matter what you try, you're monsters are still too weak."

"Oh really? Next I activate elegant egotist, allowing me to special summon Harpie Lady #1 from my hand. And now for Channeler's effect. By discarding Harpie Queen, I can special Summon Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon in defense mode.

"4 monsters in one turn!"

"Now I use Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon's effect. because I have 3 Harpie Lady's on my field I can destroy 1 monster you control."


"Say goodbye to your Michael, Lightsworn Ark... This Duel is mine! Now go my Harpie's. End this!"

"I activate my Battle Fader's effect!"


"I can Special Summon him in defense mode to Negate your attack, and end the battle phase."

"Grr, you're just delaying the inevtiable! I end my turn then."

"Haha, my move. I draw! ........ Finally. Now it's time for you to feel the thunder! Because I have over 4 different Lightsworn monsters in my graveyard... I Special Summon... The Judgment Dragon!"


"that's not all, next I use my Judgment Dragon's effect! By paying 1000LP I can destroy all other cards on the field!"
Mindy's LP: 3450
Ben's LP: 1000

"No wait!"

"Judgment Dragon Annihilate! ... And now my Judgment Dragon is free to attack your Life Points Directly!

Ben's LP: 1000
Mindy's LP: 450

"haha, and at that I end my turn, milling 4 cards with Judgment Dragon's effect." Light Spiral, Glorious Illusion, Solar Recharge, and Shire, Lightsworn Spirit were sent.

"My move. *And at this rate it might be my last* I draw! *There's no way I can take down a monster with 3000ATK*

She unlatched the clasp, and slowly pulled open the lid. to reveal a single card. Harpie's Pet Dragon.

That's it!  I activate D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation. By discarding Harpie Channeler I can Special Summon my Banished Harpie Lady #1, but that's not all next i chain Inferno Reckless summon, allowing me to special summon as many Harpie Lady's as i want from my deck graveyard or hand." Special summons 2 other Harpie Lady #1's and 2 Harpie Queens.

"what on earth?! But even still. your most powerful monster is Harpie queen with only 2800ATK points. There's no way you can win!"

"i'm not done, next I tribute my two harpie queens to summon. Harpie's Pet Dragon!"


"What? haha? only 2000ATK? even with your Harpie's effect boost, his attack is still only 2900..."

"you're forgetting my Harpie's Pet Dragon effect. For each, harpie lady on my field. he gains 300ATK"


"Now go Harpie's Pet Dragon attack the Judgment Dragon!"

Mindy's LP: 450
Ben's LP: 200

"Now Harpie Lady #1 Attack him directly!"
Mindy's LP: 450
Ben's LP: 0

"Now that was a duel! *Thank you*" Mindy says Looking at her Harpie Pet Dragon Card. "Now let Itzuki go!"
"Fine, fine. But girl you can duel!" Ben unties Itzuki, and then turns to Mindy, "Hey, I hope to see you soon... bye sweetcheeks"
"Hey Mindy thank you so much, you're awesome!"
"Don't mention is Itzuki, but hey, we've only got.." Looks at phone. "Itzuki we're late!"
"RUN!" Mindy and Itzuki run as fast as they can, and arrive at the Testing Venue. The largest arena they had ever seen. But as they rush through the door towards the sign-ups desk, a Tall dark-haired woman, and a small, plump, balding man watch on.

Special Thanks To ElvishPresley, for helping with the Pictures.

Please comment if you'd like to help. Getting 2 other people to do that would help so much and save so much time. thank you

//next episode: http://warriorduelacademy.forummotion.com/t20-do-not-read-yet-yu-gi-oh-gx-duel-academy-season-1-episode-3#29 \\

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