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(DO NOT READ YET) Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy Season 1 Episode 3

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(DO NOT READ YET) Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy Season 1 Episode 3

Post by Alexis Rhodes on Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:36 pm

Last Episode http://warriorduelacademy.forummotion.com/t21-yu-gi-oh-gx-duel-academy-season-1-episode-2#30
Character suggestions? http://warriorduelacademy.forummotion.com/t18-yu-gi-oh-gx-duel-academy-character-suggestions#27

Last Time: Mindy and Itzuki run as fast as they can, and arrive at the Testing Venue. The largest arena they had ever seen. But as they rush through the door towards the sign-ups desk, a Tall dark-haired woman, and a small, plump, balding man watch on.

"This is it Itzuki, our chance. Our moment. All we have to do, is win this duel."
"Yeah! Bring it on!"

"Excuse me-" says a small man, approaching them, "I'm Vice-Chancellor Sutiru"
"Oh hello Mr Sutiru, my name's Itzuki.... sorry we're late."
"That's right you are late!-"
"But it's fine, please come this way." says the tall dark-haired woman stood behind him." "I am Vice-Chancellor Sakuri."
"-Phinny Sakuri, what are you doing?! They are late, they must pay the consequence."
"Merubin Sutiru, as much as I appreciate your assistance, we must be fair to them. I sense, great things."

"Sorry to interrupt Mr. Sutiru and Mrs. Sakuri, but please, please think about giving us a chance. please." Says Mindy
Vice-Chancellor Sakuri looks at both Itzuki and Mindy, then turns to Sutiru.
"I have an idea Sakuri, I will only let them test on one condition."
"And what is it Sutiru?"
"We both duel them..."
"A tag duel?"
Phinny Sakuri, looks at them both, trying to telepathically ask them how they feel about the situation. Until Itzuki says.
"Sure, that sounds awesome! Are you ready Mindy?"

*Coming from the speakers* And that's the end of our final two tests 97 and 98. congratulations to both Vespera De Fleur And Junzo Koza... Oh hang on a wee moment, we have one final last minute entry, /Wait what really?\ And it turns out it's going to be a tag match! Featuring both our Vice-Chancellors!

The 4 contestants step out

*Junzo his talking to his friends*
"Hey Junz, Why do you think the Vice-Chancellors are dueling?"
"I don't know, but what I do know is that we may be about to see, Suturi's super rare card."
"Hang on a sec, isn't that the chick thaat beat you Junz?"
Junzo stands up and leans over the railings in shock. "Oh my god, it is! What is she doing here?! ..... hahahhahaHAHAHAHAHAHA I can't wait to see Suturi kick her Butt into the next millennium!"

"Are you Ready Itzuki, this is our big moment!" says Mindy
"First of all let me go over the rules, our fields are combined to each others, so together we only have 5 spell and trap card zones, and 5 monster card zones. However this mean you can use your partners cards on your turn. However our Life points are not combined, and when attacking directly you choose your attack target, so we each have 4000LP, if your lifepoints hit 0, you fail. If you win and they do not. You can enter the academy. Understood?" Says Sakuri.
"Yeah we got it, let's go!"

Tag duel:
Mindy Yusuma + Itzuki Regalia VS Vice-Chancellor Sakuri + Vice-Chancellor Suturi
Turn 1: Sakuri
Turn 2: Itzuki
Turn 3: Suturi
Turn 4: Mindy

Sakuri: "Right then let's begin, Good luck you two... You'll need it. I draw! First of all I activate the Field Spell Card Sanctuary in the Sky! And then activate the Spell Card Field Barrier"

Mindy: "What does that Card do?"

Suturi: "I'll tell you! you see with this card on the field, Field Spell Cards cannot be destroyed. Also, a new Field Spell Card cannot be activated."

Mindy: "Oh No!"

Junzo: "Perfect with that Field Barrier, Mindy won't be able to use her Combos this duel is all but over"

Sakuri: "And then i'll summon The Agent of Creation - Venus! (ATK/1600 DEF/0) And let me tell you, this card is outta this world!"

Junzo: "Dat Pun tho."

Sakuri: "You see with Venus' effect I can pay 1000LP to special summon 2 Mystical Shine Balls (ATK/500 DEF/500) Then I'll set one card face down and end my turn."

Mindy: 4000 - 3000 :Sakuri
Itzuki: 4000 - 4000 :Suturi

Itzuki: "Nice move hah, but just wait till you see this errm, this move! First of all I activate Foolish Burial, with this I send, The White Stone of Legend to the graveyard. Which triggers his effect allowing to add 1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon to my hand!"

Suturi: "You have A Blue-Eyes White Dragon?!"

Itzuki: "That's right, see when Seto Kaiba gave up dueling and opened a competition for each of his Blue-Eyes White Dragons... I won one! And now i'm going to use it to Destroy that Venus of yours. So I summon Kaibaman (ATK/200 DEF/700) in attack mode!"

Suturi: "Well...."

Junzo: "What's up with Suturi?!"

Itzuki: "Now by Tributing Kaibaman, I can summon... THE BLUE-EYES WHITE DRAGON! (ATK/3000 DEF/2500). Now go Blue-eyes let's battle!"

Sakuri: "Not so fast, short stack"

Suturi: "Hey!"

Sakuri: "Not you... I activate My Trap Card. Threatening Roar! With this card, you cannot declare an attack for the rest of the turn."

Itzuki: "Fine then I'll just end it."

Mindy: 4000 - 3000 :Sakuri
Itzuki: 4000 - 4000 :Suturi

Suturi: Looks like it's my turn then huh.

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