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Structure Deck Live Tournaments

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Structure Deck Live Tournaments

Post by Jay Breezy on Sat Mar 29, 2014 6:42 am

Periodically, a member of the WDA staff will host a special Live tournament. These tournaments will be similar to regular WDA Lives. They are meant to be fast-paced events, lasting for a merely a few hours at most. The only difference is that the participants will only be allowed to use one of the many structure decks built by Konami. Here is a complete list of every structure deck that has ever been built. More will be added with the release of new structure decks in the future. Click on the links below to view decklists for each of them.

NOTE: Some decks may have less than 40 cards. If that's the case with the deck you choose, you can add draw power cards to bring the deck up to that number.

Yugi 2
Joey 2
Kaiba 2
Marik 2
Dragon's Roar
Zombie Madness
Blaze of Destruction
Fury from the Deep
Warrior's Triumph
Spellcaster's Judgment
Invincible Fortress
Lord of the Storm
Dinosaur's Rage
Machine Re-Volt
Rise of the Dragon Lords
The Dark Emperor
Zombie World
Spellcaster's Command
Warrior's Strike
Machina Mayhem
Dragunity Legion
Lost Sanctuary
Gates of the Underworld
Dragons Collide
Samurai Warlords
Realm of the Sea Emperor
Onslaught of the Fire Kings
Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Cyber Dragon Revolution
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